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Reviews are another time period where you get a raise and a bonus. If you work in a large company, then it will be hard to complain and get something changed. But if you work in a small company, you can ask for a larger raise. However, you must be in a position where the company will suffer if you leave the company. If you are replaceable, then the company doesn’t have to give you a good raise. Just in case you are in one of these situations, here are some example sentences. 回顾是另一个你得到加薪和奖金的时期,如果你在一家大公司工作,那么你就很难抱怨并得到一些改变,但如果你在一家小公司工作,你可以要求大幅度加薪。不管怎样,如果你离开公司,你的职位必须处于会对公司遭受损失,如果你是可替代的,那么公司就不需要给你加薪了,为了以防万一你遇到这样的情况,这里有一些例句。
If you know you did more than anybody else, then here is a statement you can make to your manager. 如果你知道你做的比别人多,那么你可以向你的经理做一个陈述。
“I have done more and better work than anybody else. I have learned everything on my own in the first three months without any training, and I have been a great employee. An 8 percent raise is not what I had in mind. I want a minimum 20 percent raise.” 我做得比任何人都要好,在头三个月里,我在没有任何培训的情况下学会了所有的东西,我已经成了一名很好的员工,加薪8%并不是我想要的,我想要至少20%的加薪。

If they agree with you, then they might give you a larger raise, but they will question the 20 percent raise. You should know the average pay in your field and use that as ammunition. 如果他们同意你的观点,那么他们可能会给你一个大的加薪,但他们会质疑这20%的加薪,你应该知道你所在领域的平均工资,并把它作为底线。
“I agree that you have performed well, but 20 percent is a large raise. Where did you get that number from?” 我同意你表现得很好,但是加薪20%是一个很大的提高,你从哪里得到这个数字的?

If you researched, then you can answer calmly with facts that your manager cannot disagree with. 如果你研究过,那么你可以冷静地回答你经理所不同意的事实。
“I have researched the pay for 5 different companies for someone with my experience and skill set. On average, they are being paid 25 percent more than me. I don’t expect to get paid more than the other people because this is a smaller company, but I should get what I deserve and that is at least 20 percent.” 我已经研究过5家不同公司的薪酬,这些公司都与我的经验技能相符,平均而言,他们的薪水比我高25%,我不希望得到比其他人更多的报酬,因为这是一个规模较小的公司,但我应该得到我应得的,至少是20%。

If you have to go on frequent business trips, then you can include that as well. 如果你要经常出差,你也可以把它包括在内。
“The average pay for workers who have to go on frequent business trips is significantly higher than what I am being paid. There is no overtime pay here and all the extra work is not compensated for. I feel it is fair to get a larger raise due to the amount of quality work I do and the frequent business trips required for this position.” 经常出差员工的平均工资明显高于所给我支付的工资,这里没有加班费,所有额外的工作都没有得到补偿。我认为,由于我所做的大量有质量的工作和频繁出差,获得更大的加薪是公平的。

Large companies have a process in place and most people will get a similar raise. If you get a small raise and you know you cannot fight for a larger raise, then you can at least ask what the average raise is. 大公司有一个流程,大多数人都会得到类似的加薪,如果你得到一个底的加薪,你知道你不能争取更大的加薪,那么你至少可以问一下平均加薪的幅度是什么。
“A three percent raise barely covers inflation. What was the average raise throughout the company?” 百分之三的加薪勉强能覆盖通货膨胀,公司的平均加薪是多少?

Most of the time, the answer will be very similar to what you got. 大多数时候,答案会和你得到的很相似。
“I did very well this year and exceeded all my goals. Why am I only receiving a four percent raise?” 我今年表现得很好,而且超过了我所有的目标,为什么我只得到了4%的加薪?

Sometimes even great employees will get a small raise in a large company. It might seem small, but if the company is struggling financially, they might not give anybody raises. Here is an example of what you might hear for the question above. 有的时候,即使是在大公司的优秀员工也只会得到一个低的加薪,这可能看起来很小,但如果公司在财务上陷入困境,他们可能不会给任何人加薪,下面是你可能听到的关于上述问题的例子。
“You actually got the maximum raise this year. Most of the people didn’t get anything. Some people got a two percent raise. So you should actually be happy with your raise. The economy is down and the company needs to save money. They can’t give large raises this year.” 实际上你今年得到了最大的加薪,大多数人没有得到任何东西,有些人涨了2%,所以你应该对你的加薪感到高兴,经济衰退,公司需要节省资金,他们今年不能大幅加薪。


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