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Presentations are longer than an explanation, but it is easier in the sense that you have time to prepare for it. The biggest mistake I have seen is that people do not use short simple sentences. Many of the best presentations from English speakers I have seen are those who use simple sentences that are easy to understand. Remember that a long paragraph can consist of 10 short sentences. It is still effective and much easier to say. 陈述比解释要长,但在你有时间准备的情况下,它更容易。我看到的最大的错误是人们不使用简单的短句子,我所见过的许多说英语说得好的人都是那些使用简单易懂句子的人。请记住,长段可以包含10个短句子,它仍然是有效,并且更容易说的。
Many times, a person will be using a presentation software like Power Point. If that is the case, then you should prepare your slides and a separate document with your sentences for each slide. You shouldn’t read them, but at least it is there just in case you forget to mention something. Use it as a preparation material before the presentation and reference during the presentation. Each sentence should be step by step explaining the content on the slide. 很多时候,人们会使用像PPT这样的演示软件,如果是这样的话,那么你应该为每一个单独的幻灯片准备分开的文件。你不应该读它们,但至少它是在那里,以防你忘记提到一些东西。在演示文稿之前,将其作为准备的参考材料使用,每个句子都应该一步一步地解释幻灯片上的内容。
I am not going to be giving an example because presentations are all different depending on the subject. But keep in mind the process I explained on the house selling example. Keep the sentences short, speak slowly and clearly, put emphasis on key words, and leave a short pause after each sentence. 我不打算举个例子,因为演示的主题各不相同,但请记住我在《房屋销售案例》中解释的过程,保持句子短小,语速放慢,说话清晰,强调关键词,每句话后留短时间停顿。
There are many times when you will have to explain something. Here are some questions you might hear. 有很多时候你需要解释一些事情,下面是一些你可能会听到的问题。
“What did you do this week?” 你这周做了什么?

“What are you going to do next week?” 你下周打算做什么?

“What is your schedule like for the next two weeks?” 你接下来两周的行程安排是怎样的?”

“Can you explain how to perform an evaluation for a partner feedback?” 你能解释一下怎样对合作伙伴的反馈进行评估吗?

“How do I perform a refund for a credit card purchase?” 我怎样为信用卡购买退款?

There are numerous questions like these you might run into. To answer all of them, just follow the list example. 你可能会遇到很多这样的问题,要回答所有这些问题,只需遵循列表示例。
“This week, I finished the analysis on Ford Motor, I started writing a report on international market penetration, and I showed our new employee how to use our software.” 这周,我完成了对福特汽车的分析,我开始写一份关于国际市场渗透的报告,我向我们的新员工展示了如何使用我们的软件。

This example is very simple. It is basically a list of three things. You don’t need to include any words in between. 这个例子非常简单,它基本上是三样东西的列表。你不需要在中间包含任何单词。
You can use this same style of answer for many different types of questions. 对于许多不同类型的问题,你可以使用相同的方法。
“Next week, I have to finish my report, research information on GM Motors, and make a presentation on our market strategy.” 下周,我必须完成关于通用汽车公司研究信息的报告,并就我们的市场战略做一个报告。

“To perform a feedback on a partner you need to specify who the partner is, what project they worked on, the outcome of the project, where they need to improve, and finally what they did well.” 要对合作伙伴进行反馈,你需要明确对方是谁,他们在做什么项目,项目的结果,他们需要改进的地方,最后他们什么做的好。

“On the credit card machine, press the refund button. Then type in the credit card number and press enter. Type in the amount, and press enter. That’s all you need to do.” 在信用卡机上,按下退款按钮,然后输入信用卡号码并按回车,输入金额,按回车,这就是你需要做的。

Whenever you are giving an explanation, remember the easiest way to do it is by giving a list and putting them together. In order to be able to do this, you must know how to say key words in your area of expertise. 当你给出一个解释的时候,记住最简单的方法是给出一个列表并把它们放在一起。为了能够做到这一点,你必须知道如何在你的专业领域说关键词。
When you have to give a presentation, remember that preparing is the most important. As I said earlier, take the time on your first several presentations to record yourself and find a friend to listen to your presentation. 当你要做报告时,要记住准备是最重要的,就像我之前说的,在你的第一个演讲中花点时间录下来,并找一个朋友来听你的演讲。
Finally, let’s review the three key steps you need to remember when giving an explanation or a presentation. 最后,让我们回顾一下在给出解释或演示时需要记住的三个关键步骤。
Don’t talk fast: Even people with perfect English have this problem. Talking fast is not good when you are explaining something or giving a presentation. 不要说得太快:即使是有完美英语的人也有这个问题。当你在解释某事或做演讲时,说得快是不好的。
Talk clearly: Making the words in each sentence clear will help anyone to understand you better.  说清楚:把每句话都清楚地说出来会帮助别人更好地理解你。
Prepare and Practice: This is the most important. As time goes on, you will realize how much your preparation will help with your overall English skills. 准备和练习:这是最重要的。随着时间的推移,你会意识到你的准备将对你整体的英语技能有多大的帮助。

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